A 72-year old Arfa Nadeem is a star of fashion shows. Not a single popular talk-show about fashion and beauty can go without her participation. During the last 3 years she managed to play a role in a movie, a musical videoclip and ads. Arfa is not afraid of close-ups and unusual stage types. But it wasn”t always like that. She managed to turn from an ordinary senior citizen into a well-known photomodel by chance with the help of Goji Cream.

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A few years back Arfa couldn”t even dream of a modelling career.

“I was 69 when I received an invitation to take part in the photo session for elderly people. I looked like a grandmother and I felt the same way. I used to wear old-fashioned clothes and my face was all wrinkled. I coudln”t be called a proper “model”, recalls Arfa.

The first shooting became a real challenge for the future star.

“I was dressed up, my face with a make-up, and placed quite far from the camera…Directors decided it was best to avoid accent on my face. It was very embarassing. I wanted to take care of my skin, make it younger”.

The first experience could be my last one. It was a cosmetician who helped Arfa. She offered her to try a face cream called Goji Cream. According to the girl, this is the most effective remedy for mature skin.

“The make-up artist told me that all her celebrity clients use this cream. It is recommended by leading cosmetologists. So I decided to try it. I used the cream in the morning and in the evening. In two weeks I noticed the effect: my skin became moisturized, rested and glowing…Wrinkles smoothed out. For the first time in many years I liked my reflection in the mirror.”

After the transformation with Goji Cream Arfa”s young face appeared on the cover of fashion magazines several times. Arfa made her biggest dream come true – she was shot in a movie. This happened at the shooting stage of the film “Rita”s last fairy tale”.

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Goji skin rejuvenating Cream is concentrated youth.

What is the secret of Goji Cream? It is based on brand new developments in the sphere of cosmetology 100% natural ingredients with rejuvenating action. The effectiveness of Goji Cream has been proven by numerous clinical trials.

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Goji Cream consists of concentrated goji berries (promotes the production of collagen, smoothes out complexion). How to use Goji cream

  • Molecules G-Active (speed up the synthesis of protein, fights the signs of face aging on the cellular level. Forms a beautiful V-shaped face contour);
  • Grape seed oils (eliminates toxins, tones the skin and makes it smooth and soft)
  • Jojoba oil (nourishes, protects from harmful effects of exposure to ultraviolet, prevents the formation of age-related pigment patches)
  • Allantoin (deeply moisturizes, promotes skin regeneration)

Goji berries for the youth of the skin. What is Goji cream?

Goji Berries were chosen as a main component of Goji Cream for a good reason. A high concentration of useful nutrients in the fruits helps fight telltale aging signs:

  • 20 essential amino acids
  • Vitamin C (500 times more than in sea-buckthorn and citrus plants)
  • Vitamin E
  • Iron (15 times more than in pomegranate)
  • All B group vitamins
  • Betaine of vegatable origin.

Such composition accelerates sub-cellular metabolism of mature skin. It leads to a faster and more effective transformation.

Cosmetologists about Goji Cream anti aging

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Goji Cream is the best remedy a woman of mature age can afford. It really helps the skin look younger. Goji Cream contains no “empty” ingredients which only increase the mass of the product but are virtually useless in terms of beauty. The composition of the cream is completely natural and perfectly meets the requirements of mature skin. The remedy is easily applied, absorbs very fast, and there is no mask effect. The regular usage of Goji Cream is without exaggeration a good alternative to expensive and painful cosmetological procedures.

Areej Shokat (beauty expert “Nova”)

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“I”ve been working with Goji Cream for more than a year. It is a wonderful experience. All of my clients can afford visits to beauticians and botox injections. But I often hear from them that Goji Cream makes it unnecessary. Aging, thin skin becomes supple, beautiful and young right before their eyes. This is what makes any woman happy!”

Areesha Khan (makeup artist from the company “Carina”)

Goji Cream is the only skin care product which a 72-year old model Arfa still uses.

“I”ve fallen in love with Goji Cream. It helps me look younger, fresher and stop feeling ashamed of my age! I enjoy posing for close-up photos. Because now I”m a beautiful woman!”

Price of Goji cream

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Bano Khan

I agree completely! The cream is gorgeous, everything written here is true.

Batool Zahra

Such a beauty! I watched something about her. I liked it.

Wasi Mehmood

Gee, what a model)) She looks like my teacher. If only all women in our country looked like this at 70, super!

Barirah Iram

This is a stunning story about a face-changing and life-changing transformation! It is never too late to start doing the things you like.

Bilqis Malik

I adore Goji Cream for its effectiveness. It is absorbed very well and there”s no greasy shine. It smells very well. This is a first class skin care product!

Fatima Shahbaz

I haven”t tried it, but it sounds very promising))

Fareeha Batool

Is it good only for mature skin? What if I start using it after 30?

Faiqa Bibi

The cream is really good. I was advised to try it in the salon. I thought it was yet another scam. But it turned out this is the coolest invention for youth and beauty.

Farwa Mohsin

Why not! It won”t get worse because of the cream anyway. The skin will get a full care, just keep taking care of its condition.

Hina Anwar

What does it mean, “emply additives” in the cream? Something like starch? I always read labels and calculate how many really effective and healthy components for my skin there are in the jar…

Hajra Ghazi

My aunty uses Goji Cream and she speaks very highly of it. I see the changes myself: her skin is so fresh and smooth now! I”ll keep this cream in mind, maybe will buy it for myself later.

Iris Bennet

Wow I”m amazed by this grandmother! I can see that she”s not young anymore, but she can”t be called old. I”d like to look like that at 72.

Huda Malik

Yes. Empty additives are needed to increase the mass of the product. It doesn”t get any better with them. But empty is better than harmful.

Hania Shahzad

It”s better to use the best products. If Goji Cream is the one, then I”d like to try it.

Abu-Turab Askari

Just stumbled upon this article, now I know what to give to my mother for her anniversary))) thank you!