Diets, workouts, and liposuction are currently the main methods used to fight overweight. However, considering the fact that the number of obese people continues to rise, none of the above methods can be called popular and effective. Keto Guru has transformed the approach to weight loss. The drink activates the process of natural weight loss.

Saleh Mohammad

Director of The National Scientific Medical Centre, Doctor of Medicine, Physician of Superior Merit, dietitian.

Occupational experience – 42 years.

What is Keto Guru – how to use, official website?

If your body lacks Vitamin C, you eat oranges. If it lacks phosphorus, you eat fish. If your body needs more calcium, you’ll have to eat broccoli and dairy products. The same works for weight loss. We gain weight if our bodies lack important microelements. Keto Guru’s formula contains the vitamins and elements that we need to maintain health and burn fat fast. Keto Guru helps to control appetite and food intake by stimulating production of the ferments that suppress unhealthy food cravings.

It has been clinically proven that Keto Guru boosts your metabolism, restores the functioning of the endocrine system, stimulates regeneration of the tissues and suppresses appetite. The product is entirely organic and actively stimulates natural processes inside the human body. No rigorous diet is needed as the burning of fat mass is induced by boosted metabolic processes. A balanced diet is sufficient to maintain the metabolism. Intensive workout is not necessary either. Some moderate stretching exercises are sufficient.

Main properties of Keto Guru – price, original, buy online:

  • Fat burning;
  • Suppression of appetite;
  • Normalization of endocrine profile;
  • Rejuvenation and detoxification of the body;
  • Improvement of the body tone by burning fat mass.

Owing to intensive metabolism, subcutaneous fat in problematic areas of people who take Keto Guru can burn at the speed of up to 0.5 kg a day! Keto Guru is effective even in the cases when overweight is caused by hormonal disorders. If you are prone to obesity this product is for you!

This candy has become available in the Emirates quite recently but it has already proven to be a favorite choice of bodybuilders and their trainers as it facilitates quick weight-loss and maintains low percentage of fat in the body.

Researchers’ comments – Keto Guru opinion:

Dr. Junaid Khan


Occupational experience – 27 years.

“The most important thing in the process of weight loss is to avoid harming your body. Unfortunately, most of the popular methods don’t meet this requirement. It’s physically hard to keep a diet all the time. Also, it’s even contraindicated for some people. Most of weight loss pills cause hormonal imbalance that has a bad effect on the immune system, metabolism and internal organs. Weight loss measures should be natural and shouldn’t disrupt natural internal processes happening in your body. Keto Guru is the only solution that meets these requirements. The active ingredients in Keto Guru formula speed up metabolic processes to boost fat burning. I’m sure that this is the best certified product for modern eating habits and safe weight loss. You can fully trust it.”

Dr. Rabia Anwar


Occupational experience – 18 years.

“I frequently see women with tears in their eyes. They have tried everything without obtaining any result or they regained the weight which they had previously lost. I used to recommend them to pull themselves together and try again. Now I recommend a better option – Keto Guru. It can be used twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Keto Guru candies help to lose up to 15 kg within a month in an entirely natural manner. It’s a fully organic remedy which suits everyone regardless of sex, age or health status. Weight-loss is achieved exceptionally by means of fat burning and not by dehydration. The effect of improvement in problematic areas becomes visible in just a week Keto Guru has been used in the American nutrition for long and is becoming increasingly popular in the Emirates. I recommend it to all my patients and have never had any complaint.”

The Department of Health supported a poll the results of which exceeded all our expectations:

The poll conducted by the department of health: how did you lose weight?

Important! It was concluded that winter is the best time to start losing weight. Thanks to the decrease of average temperatures the metabolism and blood circulation in the blood vessels become more intense thereby increasing blood and oxygen supply to the body improving the effect provided by the medication. Overweight reduction occurs by 47% faster compared to warmer times of the year. The functions of the body are restored by 100% during the treatment course.

Researches – Keto Guru comments

The results of laboratory tests on Keto Guru The Research Institute of the Department of Health:

A group of people who had excess weight (100 people) drank Keto Guru daily without changing their eating habits. During the test, the following results were achieved:

1. Fat mass reduction ranging between 11 and 15 kg;

– 15 kg weight loss – 95%;

– 11 kg weight-loss – 100%.

*For the purposes of the trial weight-loss should mean the loss of fat mass and no signs of regaining it within a 1-month period.

2. Significant improvement of the metabolism;

3. Improved body tone and physical activity;

4. Improved functioning of the liver and endocrine system.

Keto Guru proved to activate metabolic processes and burn fat. Keto Guru drink is recommended to everyone who has excess weight and suffers from metabolic disorders and/or diabetes.

Be careful! Beware of fakes!



Сomments – what is Keto Guru, forum, buy

Hira Arbab

I will definitely try it and keep you posted about the results. I’m going to college this year. I want to start a new life with a new figure. I was bullied at school, particularly by boys. Everyone thought I was fat. I want to lose 10 kg and look like a queen at college!

Saleh Mohammad

You should take extra care with the drink to avoid the overdose effect. If you don’t take Keto Guru as instructed, you can lose 20 kg instead of 10 kg.

Best regards, Saleh.

Hoor Ahmed

My dear friends, I drankKeto Guru. It delivers good results if used correctly. I noticed I started eating less and here’s what I look like now.

Jaweria Mehar

Unfortunately, I can’t boast long-lasting result as I’ve been taking Keto Guru for just a week. You won’t believe but I lost 3 kg within the first 7 days. Only 18 kg left! I’m sure I will succeed! I must 🙂

Fouzia Malik

Hello. I drank Keto Guru and lost just 7,5 kg within a month 🙁

Saleh Mohammad

Maybe you misread the instruction. Please read it carefully and take Keto Guru only according to the instruction.

Best regards, Saleh.

Layaali el-Iman

Hello. I drank Keto Guru and lost 12 kg within a month. My weight remained the same a year later! Here’s my photo:

Samraa el-Baksh

I managed to lose weight too! Good luck to everyone. I keep my fingers crossed!

Anbara al-M

When I started taking Keto Guru, I didn’t stop eating anything I wanted to eat, but I lost 10 kg. I believe that Keto Guru is an effective and the best weight loss method. Something that makes it special is that you don’t have to work out a lot at the gym. I like to do sports at home and when I have time. It’s perfect for people like me! I recommend everyone to try it. Here’re my results:

Iyaad al-Sadri

My weight was 95 kg before I started taking Keto Guru As a teenager, I was always thin. But my belly started growing as I grew older. When I turned 35, I realized I had to do something about that. I spent almost a year on working out, but it didn’t help me to get in my normal shape. When I started taking Keto Guru, I became as slim as I used to be in the past just within several weeks. Now I maintain my weight with the help of Keto Guru.

Qasira Shehata

Keto Guru saved my life. I had a car accident many years ago, after which I spent several months lying in my bed. I gained 35 kg during that period of time. Then I started walking slowly, with the help of a walking stick. I couldn’t do any exercises because I was very weak, and excess weight made the situation even worse. I tried Keto Guru for the first time when one of my lady friends came back from a trip, it was she who gave me Keto Guru. Of course, I didn’t expect much from it, just decided to give it try because the drink was very tasty. I noticed the first changes within a week. I can’t say my weight went down, but I could feel that my body began to work faster and digestion became more intense. I felt that my metabolism became faster. I lost 7,5 kg within a week without changing my daily routine! The remaining 30 kilos gradually faded away within a month. I’m very happy and I feel that I began recovering much faster after I managed to lose weight.

Aayun Alli

I don’t know anyone else who tried Keto Guru, but, personally, I lost 12,5 kg within 1,5 months. And I’m going to move beyond 🙂

Adira A.

Did you ever try to just stop eating too much? When kids eat what they are given it looks OK. But when adult women do the same… Can’t you control yourself and not eat so much?

Saleh Mohammad

Helen, there are people who have a genetic predisposition to obesity. No diet or medication can help in this case. If you are not prone to obesity, you are lucky. But I know for a fact that not all people are as lucky as you are.

Best regards, Jacob

Arfa Nadeem

Helen, I eat almost nothing but it doesn’t work. My weight remains unchanged. It doesn’t go down

Bano Khan

I’ve been regularly taking Keto Guru for the last several years. At first, it helped me to lose 15,5 kg. Now, I drink it for prevention purposes, to make up for the lack of vitamin D and just because it’s tasty. By the way, all my friends drink Keto Guru, too.

Batool Zahra

Why do you use ‘one size fits all’ approach? Why must everyone be slim? For example, I weigh 75 kg and my height is 1.55 m. And I’m not ashamed of it. I like what I look like and feel great!

Saleh Mohammad

Many women want to look like models even after they resorted to extreme measures. This often affects their health. That’s why we created a natural drink – Keto Guru – that helps people to lose weight without harming their health.

Best regards, Saleh.

Barirah Iram

I live in the city and just made an order I’m waiting for the delivery 🙂

Bilqis Malik


Saleh Mohammad

Laziness isn’t a good thing, but you’re lucky becaus Keto Guru is exactly what you need.

Best regards, Saleh.

Fatima Shahbaz

Is the official site of the manufacturer the only place where you can buy Keto Guru or can one buy it in some other online store?

Saleh Mohammad

I’m afraid that you can buy a fake in some other store. Believe me, when it comes to the official site, I vouch for the quality of Keto Guru. Moreover, they offer the most profitable price and fast & convenient delivery.

Best regards, Saleh.

Fareeha Batool

I’ve been enjoying Keto Guru since long ago. I had problems with excess weight, but I got rid of them. I eat everything I want. Even if I gain some weight, I start drinking Keto Guru again to reduce my weight and get back to my size.

Faiqa Bibi

Cool if it really works. Although, I’m a skeptic. I’d rather believe in the power of some tablet than some candy. But there is nothing I was unable to do to get a pretty figure. I’m going to order it.

Saleh Mohammad

I recommend you to take a course and this will provide you with a durable result. It’s important to keep to a reasonably healthy diet during this time.

Best regards, Saleh.

Farwa Mohsin

My weight is 108 kg and I don’t know how to reduce it. Please help me to lose weight! Can I buy Keto Guru in a drugstore?

Hina Anwar

I don’t know whether you can buy it in the drugstore, I ordered Keto Guru on the official site of the manufacturer. I think it’s the most reliable and the most profitable option.

Saleh Mohammad

Unfortunately, you can’t find this supplement in any drugstores. Above, I’ve already explained why. You can order Keto Guru on the official site. Don’t forget to follow the instruction to achieve the desired goal.

Best regards, Saleh.

Hajra Ghazi

Hi! I’m a mother of two and I’ve always tried to lose weight. I can’t use diets because I can’t stick to them for more that a couple of days. I just break the diet and overeat. I have no time for sports at all. I read this article and got excited. Is there a direction on the bottle? Is there any recipe? Won’t it be harmful to stop using it? Could you please answer my questions or tell me where I can read more. Thank you in advance.

Iris Bennet

Hello! I’m 50 and I want to lose weight very much. I realized that it’s very hard to deal with this problem at my age, but I don’t lose hope and I keep trying. I decided to order Keto Guru. I lost 6,5 kg within 2 weeks!!! I try to eat healthy and do some sports, but I didn’t expect the results to be like that. Thank you for this article. I recommend everyone to buy Keto Guru.

Huda Malik

It’s an incredible feeling when you wanted something badly and thought that it was nearly impossible. But a miracle happened. I’ve already lost 11 kg and keep losing weight at the same pace. My friends are amazed. They think I’m on a strict diet and they worry about me. I’m not telling them anything. Let them do their guesswork)))))

Saleh Mohammad

Natalie, don’t thank me. Doctors and the Department of Health do their best to keep our people healthy.

Best regards, Saleh.

Hania Shahzad

My dear friends, tell me please, where did you buy it? Keto Guru isn’t sold in the drugstores. I don’t want to buy a non-original product because I perfectly understand that it makes no sense to buy a fake.

Saleh Mohammad

I would like to say again that you can buy Keto Guru only on the official site of the manufacturer Press the “Go to the site of the manufacturer” button below to avoid making a mistake! The manufacturer offers a special discount for our readers, and this offer expires soon. So don’t delay placing an order.

Best regards, Saleh.

Areesha Khan

It’s a perfect remedy. It helped me to get rid of extra weight within just a fortnight. It was also cost-effective as the discount is available.