I”ll start from the beginning, to be exact, it all began with my marriage. My husband and I dated since school years, we got married at 20, in a couple of years we had our baby girl and got trapped in routine and domestic chores for the next 14-15 years. At first it was diapers, then kindergarden, bad grades in high school and an awkward age.

I thought that an overwhelming amount of household chores would finally cease when my daughter became independent and then our “honeymoon” would begin. I guess women can see what I mean. At last the moment came when my daughter turned 17. Suddenly I realized that my husband had been enjoying his “honeymoon” for quite a while, and apparently not with me.

This a sad beginning of my Cinderalla’s story! Noia Derm anti wrinkle serum review

Grudge, deceit, division of property and divorce took their toll leaving deep wrinkles on my face. 7 grey years passed, only my daughter”s various achievements supported me and gave me a reason to continue living. And now my girl is getting married – when I look like a scruffy old woman.

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I was happy for them but the thought that I”d have to meet all relatives and my ex husband with his new wife made land disappear beneath my feet. I started applying rejuvenating creams and masks on my face frantically, but in the end it seemed that those wrinkles got even deeper. It”s like I gained 5 extra years because of this all!

After going through the phase of depressive thoughts I went to the beauty clinic. It was my last hope.

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It was my chance of revanche for all those years and if I lost it the rest of my life would seem a complete nightmare. On my way to the clinic I suddenly realized I was ready for anything, anything at all – botox, face lifting, selling my soul to the devil if only it could give me back my former beauty and be like my daughter.

It was a well-respected clinic which inspired confidence in its professinal attitude. A spacious hall, reception, pleasant girls behind the counter. The girl at the reception gave me a warm smile and understood at once whose help I sought. She led me right to the office I needed.

The doctor told me about various plastic surgeries, demonstrated pictures and photos, I could already picture myself getting younger in a matter of days.

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So, was it after all possible? Was I finally saved??? What is Noia Derm?

But in the end I was blindsided by an unpleasant surprise – the cost of the procedure was 3000$! I left the office, my face straight, frozen by the thought of saying goodbye to my dream. I didn”t have enough money to spend on my face, and I would”t have it in the foreseeable future. All my hopes went down the drain!

The nice reception girl decided that I wasn”t feeling well so she took me to a small personnel room. She calmed me down there and gave me a cup of tea. We started chatting and I told her everything and burst out into tears. All of a sudden she some thing out of her pocket.

My new aquaintance Mary suddenly asked me in a flirty manner:

“How old am I, what do you think?”

“20-25, no more, you are no older than my daughter anyways”, I answered hesistatingly.

“You are not right, I”m 43, and I have 2 children!” , she answered with seriousness.

“Oh I see, so there must be discounts for personell here in this clinic”. I summed up in a thoughtful somewhat envious tone.

“No, Alice. Here”s my secret!” said Mary and showed a curious tube in her hand.

Mary told me about an innovation in Japanese cosmetology – Noia Derm . I learnt that this remedy is a secret recipe used by girls in the clinic to achieve youthful appearance and beauticians themselves are not so eager to go under the knife or have injections. Mary also wrote the address of the internet site of the official representative in United Arab Emirates from where I can order Noia Derm . It is sold only via the internet or wholesale in Japan.

The remedy was soon delivered to me. In total I spent not so much, the price is no higher than one visit to the cosmetician”s salon. I started using it that very day, sometimes I used it twice and thrice per day, alhough the lifting effect can be achieved with one use. Most importantly, Noia Derm is very convenient to use, you can do it in the morning when you drink coffee at work, during break times at work and in the evening in front of TV. The secret of Japanese women is now clear, we know why they always look young and fresh.

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As early as in a week I could enjoy the effect. My skin was getting rid of wrinkles in no time. It was still 1,5 months before my daughter”s wedding.

In another two weeks my skin got visibly younger, probably 20 years younger or so. Wrinkles still could be seen with the bare eye, but they looked more like “goose feet”, and my face became fresher. My skin got very gentle.

In a week my boss returned from holiday and suddenly said:

“Alice, how much did your face lifting cost? It really looks nice, I”d like to have the phone number of your specialist”

I answered that I didn”t do facelift surgery which surprised my boss and the entire department.

“Ok, it”s your choice, if you don”t want to admit it then don”t”, was their reaction.

In another 2 weeks I looked like I was my daughter”s peer and before the wedding I went to my boss and told her about my secret.

I looked no older than 23 although in fact I was 56 ! There were no wrinkles at all, the skin on my face, neck and neckline was smooth and gentle

The Ball for Cinderella. How to use Noia Derm, side effects, ingredients, benefits

But that is not all! Finally the big day came.

Before the ceremony I was confused for the bride when she was getting out of the limo.

Deep in my heart I was overexcited about my victory over time. The most interesting part was still ahead, that is meeting my ex husband and his new wife. Their faces went green at once.

I looked no older than my daughter”s peers. Their envious glances healed my self-esteem!)))

My ex”s new wife made a big scene because he couldn”t take his eyes off me so they disappeared from sight before long.

But the BIGGEST surprise was still ahead!

The party in a gorgeous two-storeyed restaurant was the best in my life. I had a great time, I laughed and danced and my daughter and her groom”s friends flirted away with me!

It was better than any words and compliments.

One of the groom”s colleague wooed me with ardent zeal. He paid me unforgettable compliments and treated me with gentle care. He refused to believe that I was the bride”s mother. I was a bit confused by this misunderstanding so I decided to flee from him, so to speak)))

I fled just like a student girl from a date and on my way out of the restaurant I accidently lost a shoe on the stairs)) I didn”t manage to flee from happiness after all))

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At first it was a little confusing because he was 27 years younger than me. But it was just fears from my “previous” life, everything turned out wonderful, like in a fairy tale.

Mike is very jealous to my young admirers))) As for me, I”m very happy with all these life-changing events.

I don”t get scared at the thought of my birthday and age anymore.

Noia Derm gave me confidence and youth, I wouldn”t have found my happiness without it.

So now it”s my turn to send invitations to my wedding! now I am a grandmother and a young beautiful bride!

Is it at all possible you would ask me and I can say with all confidence that it is very much possible and the main thing is that you DESERVE it, my dear women.

Don”t have any doubts that you can and, most importantly, you must be beautiful, young and happy!

The fountain of happiness exists and it is called Noia Derm !

I”m leaving here the address of the site from where you can order this miraculous device so that my subscribers could follow my example. Try it and enjoy the freshness and youth of your skin. And be sure to enjoy your life!

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Noia Derm for wrinkles – comments, forum, opinion

Bano Khan

Wow! It really is impressive! I”m your peer and I already feel like I”m an old woman. I should try this remedy too.

Batool Zahra

I ordered one just like it, it is not at all expensive! In Dubai I was charged 700$ for the massage and microinjections!!!

Barirah Iram

40 years! It”s not the time to worry about your age! 😉 I”m 57, check out my photo! I”ve been using this serum for a whole year, with a few breaks. Sometimes I forget to use it though. On the bright side, you don”t get addicted to it!

noia derm comments

Bilqis Malik

I read a lot about this serum. I couldn”t believe that such effect is possible. Once I came across a special offer on the site and I decided that the price is so low that it is worth trying. And now I”m ready to take my words back! Just take a look, these two pics were taken less than 2 weeks apart.

noia derm original

Wasi Mehmood

Geee))) Loool)))) I stumbled upon this page by chance! Just like Stifler”s mom))))) I”ll tell my mom about Revoskin, she also suffers from these wrinkles. Where do you see them anyways? We boys will never understand you.

Fatima Shahbaz

I”m only 37 and I”m wrinkled all over like a dried fruit! Your remedy is my last hope. Will it help?

Fareeha Batool

It will help, dear, don”t even doubt it! I”ve been using it for two weeks myself, I”ve dropped like 10 years. Here”s the photo, and your result will be even better cause you are still young!

noia derm benefits

Faiqa Bibi

I divorced at 40, now I live my life to the fullest, I date men 15-20 younger than me and I feel irresistable. Mind, I”m already almost 50! But I use Revoskin all the time and I workout. I look better than many young girls and have more fun in life than they do! So, what do you think, how old is the woman on the photo?

noia derm reviews

Farwa Mohsin

I confirm everything that has been said here. I work at the cosmetology clinic myself and we use Noia Derm. Although, procedures based on its use are rather costly. The results are impressive indeed! That”s why our clients come back again and again, despite the high pricing. Naturally, cosmetology clinics are not interested in the distribution of this product among clients. So there are no such remedies in the stores. I bought it on the website of the official supplier, they often have discounts.

Abu-Turab Askari

Author, you really are beautiful! I”d hit on you!))) But I”m not 20, so I”m afraid I”m a bit too old for you!)))

Hina Anwar

My daughter gave me Revoskin as a birthday present. It is a curious remedy, very pleasant to use. It is refreshing and it tightens very well, it feels like almost instantly. As for the result…The result is wonderful!!! People confuse my daughter for my sister:

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Hajra Ghazi

Great remedy, I”m tired of creams and other stuff that never helps. I recommend it. It helped me a great deal. The product itself is Japanese, of a very high quality. It”s very crucial that you don”t buy a fake, you”ll be only dissapointed.

Imtizal Shamon

Yes, the prices for such procedures are through the roof, but everyone pays because they want to look beautiful! Luckily, you coped with your situation very well so every cloud has a silver lining. I got lucky too because now I can order it .

Aalia Mohsin

Please tell me, can Revoskin be used at 25? I already have wrinkles under my eyes((( I”m very worried about it.

Huda Malik

Yes, it can be used and it”s even recommended for use. Already existing wrinkles will disappear, new ones won”t appear for long and your skin will be fresh.

Hania Shahzad

Thank you! I ordered on this site , I”m looking forward!

Barirah Bibi

Cool story! It is inspiring!)))) I”m 38, I bought Revoskin too not so long ago and I use it every day. Once when I was buying wine in the store I was asked to show my passport, can you imagine that?))) My self-esteem skyrocketed!

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Bilqis Anwar

I know about this remedy. My sister lives in America, she read about it somewhere and now she asks to send it to her all the time because the delivery from Japan would be too expensive for her. I sent her 2 packs, for her and her friend, and now I”ve ordered 7 more because all her friends want it too, so she”s even making money on it.

Huda Khan

Revoskin saved me! My acquaintance advised me to try it, before my son”s prom. For whom is this day most important after all? Of course for mothers! Thanks to Revoskin I was the most beautiful one!

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Iris Zahra

I received Noia Derm yesterday, now I”m enjoying it as I”m typing this. I ordered it here. And by the way, it”s not expensive and the delivery is fast.